Things I have Crocheted!

Welcome to my Amigurami page.

Crocheting is a lot easier than I thought it would be so if you're thinking about trying it I whole-heartily urge you to try. YouTube is your best friend for tutorials. If you don't understand one video, try another. =)

I also want to give big hugs to my husband who takes all my pictures and maintains my site. Thanks Sweety! <3

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Beanies: My husband wanted me to make him a winter hat (the blue/green one) and got some semi-expensive wool. Being new I was nervous about wasting/ruining the yarn so made a practice hat for myself first out of cheap acrylic.

Jelly Fish Cat Toy: My first amigurumi. It's not perfect and a little under-stuffed but the cat loves it.

Scraps. Scraps. Scraps. What to do with them?
I was keeping my scraps in case I needed to sew small pieces like faces and whatnot, but they we piling up faster than I could use them. I'm planning on using some fancy bottles and filling them with scraps of my favorite colors. But then I heard a really cool idea about leaving them out as nesting materials for birds.
I did a little looking into it and found this. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology actually suggests cutting yarn into 4- to 8-inch pieces and offering it in wire-mesh suet cages. Problem of the scraps resolved as far as I'm concerned. =)

Mother's Day Bouquets: A spur of the moment decision. I managed to finish just in time. Three weeks and three days to make four dozen flowers. My mother, aunt, sister and mother-in-law each got a bouquet.

Shark Hat: I was working on the bee for my husband when he IMed me from work joking that it was going to be crazy hat Friday and that I had a week to make him a hat. I sent him the link for this and he flipped for it so I started it right away. It took me two days and it was a huge hit at the office. The blood spots on the teeth were my idea. ;)

Bee: This was made for my husband as well, to sit on his desk at work. I'm not 100% happy with it. I knew when I started all this that faces, and eyes in particular would be the bane of my existence. I'm not a fan of using the plastic "safety" eyes and up til now my embroidery skills were nil. Hopefully it won't take me too long to get it up to par.

Bears: I made these for my sister's girls, Zoey and Nora. Since they are both too young to pick a color I matched them to their rooms. I'm actually very happy with how they came out, even the eyes. I decided to stick with what I know which is crochet and just crocheted the eyes directly on the head.

Angel: This girl has a little bit of a story. She was made for a dear friend, back five or so years ago I got her that pretty figurine you see there in the bottom corner. She moved recently and in the move it broke beyond repair, I can't afford to replace it, so I did the next best thing.
It took some time to find something that was close enough to use as a base, but I think overall she came out well. This was my first venture into doing hair and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Warrior Bunnies: These cuties were made as a wedding gift for my husband's friend. He is marrying the opera singer of his heavy metal opera band. They are also ren fair buffs, like they own suits of armor and have taken sword fighting classes (how cool is that?) They also love and own super cute bunnies. Mix all that together and you get warrior bunnies. =)

These guys are by far my favourite of everything I've done so far. I think (with the exception of the arrow and quiver) they came out perfectly. I was very sad to see them go but I know they have a good home.

Potted Flowers: These were gifts for two of my husband's coworkers. They are two really nice girls stuck in stuck in an office with all men. LOL the poor dears, not really. I actually feel more sorry for the guys. ;)
I'm not entirely thrilled with how they came out. The pattern wasn't clear enough (at least for me) when it came to putting the earth in the pot together. Also the top edge of the pot wasn't coming out correctly either. I honestly there may be a mistake in that portion of the pattern and those rounds are reversed. *shrugs* I didn't bother contacting the creator since the last time I did something like that for another pattern it didn't go well and nothing was actually resolved.

Doll: This girl was a gift for an online friend who was kind enough to send me one of the dolls she had made. I'm pretty happy with how she came out. I wish I had known about the way the skirt was done back when I did the bears, it looks so much nicer this way. And I just love the hat, I'm considering making one big enough for me. :)

Lady Justice: I'm super proud of this girl and can't wait to give her away. This is a Christmas gift for my cousin who graduated from law school and took the bar this year. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't find any patterns for Justice so I went and made my own. She came out a lot smaller then I had wanted her to because I went with the nicer fancier softer yarn instead of what I normally use.

Birthday Cupcake: This was a last minute project I made for my Dad's birthday. I looked at some pictures of cupcakes then went and did my own thing. Not exactly how I envisioned it but it was close enough.

Skeleton: This is for my Dad, he's an xray tech and has been forever, is defined by his job so I thought what better then to make him a skeleton for Christmas.
Let me just say this project was and absolute nightmare. It was so repetitive and boring that by the time I was done crocheting it I wanted NOTHING to do with putting it together. My husband ended up doing it for me so I promised him a hat/scarf/glove combo as a thank you.

Cat Scarf: This is actually the very first pattern I purchased when I was starting out. I figured it would make a good starter project it was a scarf (how hard could THAT be) and sort of an amigurumi. Long story short I got bored with it because it was taking so long to complete the scarf part (I wanted a 60inch scarf) and for some reason I was having trouble working the stitches. So I put it aside and moved on to other things.
When I pulled it out again a few months ago I realized why nothing seemed to be working out when I was making the scarf, what I thought had been single crochet was actually slip stitch AND on top of that I wasn't even supposed to be single crocheting the scarf anyway it was supposed to be half double crotchet! Needless to say I started over and this is the result. I made the color changes to match my own black and white cats Merlie and Winkers. Oh how I miss those two.

Paw Hat: This is mine. I wanted to make something to go with my cat scarf but I didn't want a beanie type hat. There are tons of news boy type hats so I figured I'd see if I could make my own. I'm not 100% happy with it, the brim should have been bigger and the black trim didn't come out right in spots. I think my tension was off and I was crocheting too tight (which I always tend to do). I'm also pretty happy with how the applique turned out. =)

Juice Pouch: There's not much to say about these. The e-juice my husband uses with his electronic cigarette comes in glass bottles so he wanted something that he could carry them safely in his pocket without them clanking together. The two with the buttons have an integrated crocheted divider to keep the bottles safe. He designed and wrote the pattern as I worked it up.

Chocolate Pudding Pie!: Actually the name for this little guy is Chocolate You're Going to Die from the Cuteness Pudding Pie.
These are our holiday gifts this year. I made my husband his favorite dessert (because I hate cooking so I don't make it for him nearly as often as I should) and he got me that beautiful bracelet. =)

Part of a Marine Life Mobile:

Granny Squares: I don't normally like to post works in progress, but I'm super excited about this project because it's a true joint effort between me and my husband who has helped me alter the patterns to get things exactly the way we wanted them and because he will be the one blocking and sewing this beast together.
These are the four squares that will be making up the king-sized afghan I'm making for our wedding anniversary this year. At least I'm hoping it will be done by October anyway. They haven't been blocked yet which is why they look a little wonky right now and the petals aren't laying quite right.
It's going to be a total of 255 7x7 inch squares in a pattern that my husband came up with, because he's awesome with figuring things like that. The next picture for this that will post will be of the finished blanket.


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